1984Hosting обзор 2022 — 3 пользователи рейтинги. 6.3/10

1984Hosting обзор 2022 - 3 пользователи рейтинги. 6.3/10 Хостинг

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Changing colors

With Wix, you can easily change the color of your fonts in the text settings box, but it’s just as easy to change the color of other elements, like backgrounds of columns. You can use a solid color background using the color picker as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Wix pre-defines complementary color palettes to match your theme, but you can change the color palette easily using the “change your site colors” option. You can also add your own colors to match your branding.

Changing fonts

Changing the fonts on your Wix website is simply a matter of clicking on the text you want to change and hitting the Edit Text button. You can edit each text box separately or use the Save Theme option to apply your font changes across your whole website.

In Wix, you can choose different fonts for different text types – for instance, you can choose one font for Heading 5 to use as your main headings and another font for Heading 6 which controls the sub-headings (in the template I’m demonstrating with below). You can have a different font for paragraph styles, if you like.

Some website builders only allow you to change the font styles for the whole website, rather than for individual headings. But in general, I’d recommend you keep a consistent style throughout your website anyway.

You don’t need to have a logo before you start building your website, but a logo does make your website look more professional and can help build your brand.

Your logo says a lot about you, so it’s important to take time to get it right. There are design trends to take into consideration – for instance, have you thought about the impact your color scheme can have on your target audience? Read more about the latest logo statistics from the Fortune 500 list to explore this further.

Grow your audience with email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your audience – and there are lots of tools to help you succeed with your marketing efforts.

Option 2: using wordpress

Website builders are absolutely the easiest way to get your website online, but they can be a little more expensive than using WordPress with a web hosting plan. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option and you don’t mind a slightly more technical site-building process, then WordPress is a great option that will give you a lot of flexibility.

Pricing & support

1984 Hosting offers shared hosting and VPS hosting packages. Their plans, while not the cheapest onthe market, are affordably priced and come with the security and peace of mind valued by those searching for greater journalistic expression and protection of free speech.

There’s no free plan or money-back guarantee available, but if you register for a 24- or 36-month contract, you’ll get an additional discount. Plus, in accordance with their support of customer’s civil rights, they also accept anonymous payment through Bitcoin.

1984 Hosting’s support leaves something to be desired: they offerhelp in form of a knowledge base, FAQ, and email submission form. Unfortunately, the link to the FAQ was broken when I checked it, and a quick search online revealed that it seems to have been broken for quite some time now.

Start [knowledgebase]

This is the place to look for instructions on the use of the services of 1984 Hosting Company.
To the left you will find more thorough instructions on many of 1984’s systems, and more.
If you don’t find what you are looking for, please drop us an email to 1984@1984.is

★ Do I pay for one year in advance or one month at a time?

You pay for one, two or three years in advance.
If for some reason you want to quit before the end of the period you can cancel your hosting and ask us to refund the remaining months.
Further information at:
→ 1984hosting.com
→ “Products”
→ “Price-list”

★ How do I pay for the hosting and other service?

All payments are made from within the users “Control Panel”. You can pay with “Credit-card” or “Paypal”.

★ Where can I see my payment history?

You go to 1984hosting.com1984 now!1984hosting.com
→ “Login”
→ “Control Panel”
→ In the upper right corner you can see your username next to the flag
→ Press your username to get a drop down menu.
→ press “Bills”.

★ How much space is included with shared hosting?

1984 hosting offers unlimited hosting space for web sites, MySQL databases and e-mail.
Further information at:
→ 1984hosting.com
→ “1984”
→ “Terms Of Service”.

★ Can I migrate my website and e-mail over to 1984hosting?

If your current hosting provider does allow it then in most cases we can migrate your website and e-mail to our hosting.
Website that can’t be migrated are for example sites made in proprietary programs.

★ Can 1984hosting do the migration?

Staff at 1984 Hosting Company can migrate your web site for a modest fee.
Please contact us for more information via 1984@1984.is.

★ How do I change my e-mail password?

→ Log in at 1984hosting.com.
→ Click on the blue button “Goto Control Panel”.
→ Click on “Email” at the top.
→ Find the e-mail you want to change and click on “Edit” to the right.
→ Enter the new password twice and “Save”.
You can also change the password inside our web-mail interface at vefpostur.1984.is.
Log in with your e-mail and password. Then you press the gearwheel (“Settings”) up to the right and there you should find “Password” on the left.

★ How do I get a backup of the Database?

→ You log in to your user account at 1984hosting.com and press “Goto Control Panel”.
→ Press “Manage SQL”.
→ Find the “Database user” and to the right you can click “PhpMyadmin”
→ You will be transferred to the “PhpMyadmin” panel, from there you can click on “Export”
at the top and save the file on your computer.

★ How do I add a «Sub-domain or «Domain Alias»?

→ You log into the 1984hosting.com “Control Panel”
→ Click on the blue button “Goto Control Panel”
→ Click “Domains”
→ Below you have the options “Add Sub-domain” and “Add domain Alias”.

★ How do I set domain forwarding?

Log in at 1984hosting.com “Control Panel”:
→ Click on the blue button “Goto Control Panel”.
→ Next you press “Manage domains” at the top.
→ Find the domain alias and click on “Change” to the right.
→ From there you can enable forwarding and type in domain in the box.

★ Sending mail from my website does not work

Sending mail through php mail() from the website has certain limits.
We recommend using an existing e-mail you have at 1984, to send from our SMTP server mail.1984.is with your email username and password.

★ How many MySQL databases can I have?

As many as you need. There is no limit.

★ How do I change the name servers?

Only 1984 staff can change the nameservers of„.is” domains.
The name servers for other domains bought from/or transferred to 1984 can be changed in “FreeDNS” in the “Control Panel”:
→ Click “FreeDNS”.
→ Click the gearwheel to the far right in line with the domain you want to change.
→ Fill in the nameservers then click “Save Changes”.

★ How do I buy a new domain?

You go to 1984hosting.com
→ Click “Login”
→ Choose “Control Panel”
→ Click “Products”
→ Choose “Register domains”
→ Follow the instructions to buy the domain.

★ Can I check my e-mail online?

Yes you can:
→ You go to to 1984hosting.com
→ Click “Login”
→ Choose “Webmail”
→ Log in with your email and password.

★ Can I have an online shopping site?

Yes, and you have many options as long the eCommerce system can run on Linux/Apache web servers.

★ I don’t want to renew a domain or hosting. What do I do?

You log in at 1984hosting.com
→ There you will see a list of all your 1984 services
→ Under “Auto-renew” you untick the services you don’t want to renew.
→ If you cancel all your 1984 services you might also want to delete your “Payment methods”:
→ Click “Payment methods”
→ Click the red “Delete” button to remove a payment method.

★ How do I delete my hosting or domain?

You can delete all extra hostings, sub-domains and email addresses in the “Control panel”.
Your main web-hosting is deleted approximately three month after the service is cancelled.
If you want to close and delete your services instantly you need to send an email from your contact email address to 1984@1984.is.

★ What do you mean by «e-mail associated with hosting»?

1984 takes the privacy of it’s customers very seriously. Therefore we only answer questions and queries if they originate from the contact email of the user registered in our systems.
If you need assistance or support, please make sure you send your request from the correct email address. The email registered when the user account was created is that e-mail.

★ How do I create new e-mails?

→ Go to 1984hosting.com
→ Click “Login”
→ Select “Control Panel”
→ Click “Goto Control Panel”
→ Select “Mail”
→ Click “Add email account”
→ Fill in “Username”, the part you want to be in front of “@“
→ “Domain name” select the domain if you have more than one
→ “Password” if the measurement bar becomes green you have a good password
→ Click “ADD”
→ Then go to 1984hosting.com, “Login”, “Web-mail” to see if everything is working
→ “Username” is the email address you created
→ “Password” is your powerful password
If everything is OK, you can set up an e-mail client, such as “Thunderbird” for example.

★ How do I create an Out of Office Reply (Auto-Reply)?

→ Go to 1984hosting.com
→ Click “Login”
→ Select “Control Panel”
→ Click “Goto Control Panel”
→ Select “Mail”
→ Click “Enable” below the email address you want to create an auto-reply for
→ Fill in your message and click “Activate”.

★ How do I set e-mail forwarding?

→ Go to 1984hosting.com
→ Click”Login”
→ Select “Control Panel”
→ Click “Goto Control Panel”
→ Select “Mail”
→ Click “Edit” far to the right of the email address you want to forward
→ Fill in the email to forward to (use comma or new line for more than one address)
→ Click “Update”.

Taking your website to the next level

Now you’ve built your website, it’s time to get it noticed. In my experience, you’re never completely finished with building a website, since you can always keep updating it, changing things and making it better. You want people to start visiting your website and there are a number of things that you can do to grow your audience and give your site visitors a better experience.

Consider spending $5 on a web developer and save time and frustration

If you’re short on time or just don’t want to deal with any problems that could occur when building a WordPress website, then hiring a professional to build (and, perhaps, maintain) your website could be a better choice.

Hiring a developer sure sounds expensive, but thanks to the rise of Fiverr, you don’t have to spend a small fortune. I just did a quick search on Fiverr for full WordPress website creation and found plenty of professional website designers offering to build your website for as little as $5!

One of the best things about Fiverr is that you can browse examples of a designer’s work to get an idea of whether they’re right for the kind of website you want. Plus, with Fiverr you’re fully protected as Fiverr doesn’t release your payment to the freelancer until you’re satisfied with their work.

Final words

Phew! That’s a lot of information we’ve covered. To sum up, here are a few key takeaways from this guide to building your own website:

Anyone can build a website and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or only have a tiny budget to spend. Have fun creating your website!

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