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Joomla! supports two main classifications by user groups. These classifications are groups of users Front-end (external interface of the site) and Back-end (administrative part of the site). Front-end users are only allowed to log in to their account using the front end of the website that is made available to the public. Back-end users are allowed to log in to the administrative part of the website and as a result, such users are referred to as administrative users or simply administrators.

Users of the administrative part of the site are further divided into 2 groups

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Are there third-party plugins? htaccess by default?

I hope you changed to your domain?

I’m sorry, but very often people fall into such banal mistakes

You will learn about the features and capabilities of the Joomla 4 control panel, as well as what types of pages and interface elements exist in the admin panel.

Any site functioning on CMS consists of two areas:

The site admin can be thought of as a virtual office where you or your team create new content and manage what is displayed on the front pages of the site.

For security purposes, a user needs special permissions to access the Joomla control panel. If you are the one who deployed (created) the site on Joomla, then you already have access rights to the admin panel as a super administrator.

If the entered data is correct, you will be authorized in the admin panel. Otherwise, a message will be displayed stating that the entered data is not correct.

Greetings, dear friends!

Consider the options for how to enter the site admin panel, because all novice developers, administrators and site owners face this issue, especially at the stage of mastering a new engine.

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In order to enter the admin panel you will need:

And now about everything in order.

Index.php 404 not found

Index.php 404 not found

Depending on the engine, this address will be different.

Let’s look at the main options:

Sometimes, in order to ensure the security of their site, the administrator can change the standard login address in the admin panel to another one. In this case, it will be very difficult to determine the exact address.

The second way to determine the address of the site admin panel is that you must have access to the hosting control panel. Having entered this panel, you need to find a list of sites that are on your account and try to find a button or link there to go to the site admin panel.

Index.php 404 not found

You can also contact the hosting technical support to tell you how to do it. Each hosting has its own interface, its own control panel, so there is no universal solution here.

If you know other ways to solve this problem, write them in the comments!
Good luck and prosperity!

It makes no sense

it makes sense, plugins like jsecure

beliyadm Can you elaborate on what is the meaning of this. And the better .htaccess edits

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Need more details?

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The redirect gives the appropriate title, so there is something there. Allowed IPs are good, but more than 80% of Internet users in our country have a dynamic IP.

How to implement this procedure or can jsecure do it?

order deny,allowdeny from all

and if you need something in the admin keto, reset it, I’m working

seems to be also an option, what do you thinkbeliyadm?

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secret word jsecure is placed after administrator/?xx

why write like that?

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jsecure requires mootools. I don’t understand why htpasswd is bad? Or Grad’s variant? The first one is very reliable if you don’t have obvious holes in the site and folders with 777 permissions

jsecure is buggy sometimes

I never noticed on three sites More specifically write what kind of glitches

I have also been on two for a year and have never failed

has been on two sites for more than two years, has never failed

this is exactly what I need. where to swing? in the sense of jsecure

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In my opinion, it is already paid, but JED But I still have a free one in stock, I don’t know if I can upload it or not?

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yes, on this resource it is no longer available for free

oops, I didn’t even notice. now replaceable

oriol spit it out, very nada. I really liked him

wishlight something is not set plg_easycalccheckplus_v1.7-3. As I understand it, you need to install it in the standard way through the extension manager. I get the error «Error! Joomla installation XML file not found!» What’s wrong? The forum is working slowly.

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After logging out, you will be returned to the login page of the admin panel. If the Exit link has a gray color and nothing happens when you click it, then you are probably on a page where you have some resource that is used only by yourself. First click on the tool bar on the Cancel button and then on the Logout link.

How to log out of the Joomla admin area?

The My Profile menu, which contains the Sign Out link, is not displayed on pages containing a toolbar (for example, pages for editing content or modules).

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Logging out will return you to the login screen of the admin panel.

How to log in

Title bar

At the top of the Joomla admin area is a title bar containing the Joomla logo, the title of the current page and a group of clickable icons. They are on every page, but disabled on edit pages. When you hover over the icon, a tooltip will appear.

Notification area

Various system notifications are displayed in this area. For example, after saving the material, the notification «Material successfully saved» will appear.


Placed below the title bar and displays a set of tools specific to the current page.


The main content area of ​​the current page.

Joomla 4 admin page types

There are the following types of pages in Joomla version 4 control panel:

These are pages of menu items that, when clicked, break the menu sub-items.

These pages allow you to change the settings of the CMS components.

Pages with lists of items

This displays a list of elements of a specific component with the possibility of filtering.

Pages for creating and editing elements

On these pages, you can create and edit component items such as content, categories, users, templates, languages, etc.

Pages for uploading and managing images.

This page contains links to various areas of the system.

«System Information»

Here you can find information about what software the site uses.

Extension installation page

Separate tabs of this page correspond to certain ways of installing extensions on Joomla.

«Download and Update»

On this page, you can upgrade the CMS version.

Page with links to external Joomla resources and internal help pages.

Third Party Pages

The interface of third-party component pages can be very different from the interface of core component pages.

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