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Is it possible to have root access in a shared hosting plan? - Quora Хостинг

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Not with us, because with our Software-Assistant we help you with the solution of problems with the software you use and this help is free of charge. Some example cases:

  1. Your server does not start or stops responding.
    In the logfiles there are often hints about the reasons why the software is not working properly and we will help you to fix the root cause, so that you can use the server again as soon as possible.
  2. The operating system can not be updated to the latest version.
    We support you in updating your operating system, so that you can prevent a potential security risk more quickly. If there are insurmountable restrictions we can use an additional server to provide an efficient solution.
  3. There are problems installing software.
    Sometimes installing a software is more difficult than it should be. This can have various causes and we are happy to assist you, so that you can use the planned software quickly.
  4. You locked yourself out of your server with your firewall settings.
    We help you restore access to your server.
  5. You want to install an operating system that is not in the list of available operating systems.
    We are always working on new and common operating systems which are ready for the installation via the web interface and you can suggest an operating system at any time. On request we can provide third-party or self-created ISOs for the boot sequence for KVM based servers.

Other providers do not support their customers with problems of third-party software if they have no managed option for their server. With our Software-Assistant we want to increase your satisfaction and eleminate possible converns on your part. Therefore you can always get in touch with us next to these example cases and we will help you with all our knowledge and zest for action!

Is it possible to have root access in a shared hosting plan?

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