Malaysian Web Hosting | 20X Faster Malaysian Hosting

Malaysian Web Hosting | 20X Faster Malaysian Hosting Хостинг

Server Freak

Server Freak is a Malaysian-based company offering an extensive range of web hosting solutions to the Malaysian audience. They have a certified team of professionals always ready to serve you.

. DomainRacer

DomainRacer has made over 37,000 websites, 23,500 active hosts, and 580 dedicated server.

They offer fast web hosting deals, some of these are: shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting. Their personnel are fully trained to offer the best services to their customers, from small scale websites to enterprise level!

With them, you will experience 20x faster hosting, have website backups, unlimited space & bandwidth, easy-to-access cPanel, E-Commerce tools, free SSL Certificate, and a secure IMAP email.

Hostinger Malaysia

Hostinger Malaysia is a fast and secure web hosting platform that’s made to make life simpler, for web developers and customers alike.

The company’s vision of providing stable, fast, and easy website hosting methods supports this mission, and all at an affordable price at that.

With a number of different hosting systems to choose from, Hostinger Malaysia truly is one of the top options for the best web hosting in Malaysia.


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Customer reviews

Hostinger Malaysia prioritizes a web hosting’s service quality, speed, and support with utmost importance, just as much as their clients do.

Customers reviewed Hostinger Malaysia online and wrote:

“After messing about with our test sites, playing with the features and getting an overall feel of Hostinger’s web hosting services, we’ve gotta say that Hostinger truly is a very solid host!


  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Great speed and uptime
  • Unlimited storage
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Why is local web hosting preferred more in malaysia?

Although costlier, there are a few ways in which local web hosting in Malaysia proves to be beneficial than International hosting. We discuss those briefly below.

1.Support of the Locals: Getting yourself Local Malaysia Hosting provides you with an additional advantage of local support.

When any issue occurs, you will have to avail the help of the support team. In that case, the support team will be a local one and will be able to converse with you in popular Malaysian dialect such as Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese or even in Hokkien dialects.

2. Easy to contact and also very cheap: Availing local Malaysia Hosting also means that you can contact them whenever and wherever you need to. Contacting them will be easier and also considerably cheaper compared to the international hosting providers.

In the case of local web hosting providers, you always have the option to directly visit their office and sole the problem concerning your hosting. You can also call them quite easily and without burning a hole in your pocket.

3.Audience location: If your website and audience are based in Malaysia, then it is always better to get local Malaysia hosting. Your customers and targeted audience are located in Malaysia and a local web hosting will provide you greater loading speed than an international one. This occurs because the route will be shorter to access the web server that hosted in the country.

Аренда виртуального сервера в малайзии — недорогие vps/vds сервера по цене от 175 рублей

На нашем сайте представлено 9 виртуальных серверов VPS/VDS с размещением в Малайзии по цене от 175 рублей. Чтобы арендовать виртуальный сервер, выберите подходящий тариф и купите его на сайте хостинг-провайдера. У нас вы найдете только актуальные предложения от различных компаний, присутствующих на рынке интернет-услуг, среди которых OneProvider и другие.

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