Надёжный защищённый хостинг от Докера | Docker |

Надёжный защищённый хостинг от Докера | Docker | Хостинг

1- dotcloud

dotCloud has been the incubator of Docker, which started as an internal project by Solomon Hykes. Indeed, dotCloud is probably the oldest docker hosting service around. It’s an advanced PaaS service to deploy and manage a web app with scaling features and some management of the underlying infrastructure. dotCloud has a dedicated CLI written in Python and available via pip. Once installed, you can write a simple text file describing your architecture according to your needs, like a WSGI-enabled server, a MongoDB database, etc. Once complete, you just push the configuration file on your application (that is the most basic element of the dotCloud stack), and the resources you asked for getting provisioned and made available to you. Other commands of the dotCloud CLI allows you to control the application, to set up scaling rules, to monitor it, and enable a series of ancillary services like automated backups, SMTP servers, Build Hooks, and much more.
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The set of features that dotCloud can expose is quite rich, and its CLI, despite being a little tough for newcomers, can be extremely faster and more powerful than any GUI once you learn to master it. The cost of a standard dotCloud applications can vary a lot, depending on the configuration you choose and the services you need. Fortunately, a nice calculator is available to get an idea of how much expensive your configuration is.

3- stackdock

The killer features of StackDock, the Copper’s brand for Docker hosting services, is the availability of SSD drives at a quite cheap price. Actually, StackDock’s website is extremely essential and there are no links to documentation or a complete set of the features, so it’s not easy to understand what are the pros and cons of this platform. Nevertheless, the price of 5 dollars a month for 1 core CPU with 1 GB of RAM and 20 GB of SSD is extremely interesting, and probably worth a try. The interesting thing about Docker is that Docker images have no vendor lock-ins, and can be imported and exported easily, so it’s not difficult at all to migrate an existing application among different providers.
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In any case, StackDock can be really fast thanks to its SSD-based infrastructure, and despite it hasn’t a dedicated CLI tool, its control panel is enough to deploy and manage your stuff. If you need a basic, no-frippery, quick and cheap service to deploy your Docker application, this might be your choice.

4- quay.io

Last but not least, another service you should take in due consideration is Quay.io. Recently acquired by CoreOS, Quay.io provides secure hosting for Docker private repositories, hence providing a service quite different from the ones we have seen above. As you can imagine, it is a service targeted at companies who have special needs privacy- and security-wise, but quite interestingly they provide free public repositories too. The service provided by Quay.io is really good and rich of features. The web GUI is very complete and versatile. You can control any aspect of your repositories from there, and the GUI even provides the history and branches of each of them, even with the possibility of comparing and making diff among repositories.
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Many features are clearly targeted at companies and complex organizations, like tools for fine-grained control of resources and a rich set of logs. Interestingly enough, Quay.io is the only service of the 4 we have seen providing a guided and interactive tutorial to get you started.


In the backup section you can define parameters for the backup task.


If the backup script was executed successfully docker hosting will backup this archive to the backup storage, configured in the docker-hosting/docker-hosting.yml config file.Default is backup/backup.zip.


With the cron_time option you can specify the frequency when the website will be backed up.Default is 0 1 * * * (every day at 1am).Here is a good cron generator.


If keep_last is set to true docker hosting will allways keep the last backup on the docker hosting server.Default is true.


The path and name of the backup script relative to the websites directory. This script is called if dh backup command is executed or if the current time matches the cron_time option. If there’s no script option under backup and no backup/backup.sh backup script, only the websites directory will be backed up but not the docker container content.Default is backup/backup.sh.


In the backup-storage section you can specify one or more backup storages, where the backups will be stored. On a backup process docker hosting will backup the data to every storage with the flag active: true.


Rackspace offers a Docker Machine driver, but it also has a container hosting service. Carina lets you create Docker Swarm-like clusters and push your containers from development to production. For example:

carina create chriscluster --wait --nodes=3 --autoscale

The process still seems a little convoluted, but it’s still in public beta. We’ll see improvement over time.

Dh backup

With dh backup you can backup one ore more websites.

Dh cd

With dh cd you can jump into a websites directory.

Dh create

With dh create you can create a new website.

Dh restore

With dh restore you can restore one ore more websites.

Digital ocean

Docker container support on Digital Ocean is simple, reflecting the way the company generally works. Sign into your account and create a new Droplet based on the Docker application.

This will create a VM running Docker on top of Ubuntu to use as usual.


If you want to temporarily disable a website you can do this by setting the disabled flag to true. This option defaults to false, which means by default is every web site enabled.

Docker hosting configuration

Docker hosting can be configured with a config file in the /var/www/docker-hosting directory. The config file has to be called docker-hosting.yml (the .yaml extension works as well).

Here’s an example of the default config file:

Docker machine

For many hosting providers, the easiest way to deploy and manage your containers is via Docker Machine drivers. Unless these hosts offer anything extra on top of the driver, I won’t list them separately. Currently, these include:

More are likely to follow soon, and you may be able to use the generic driver for other hosts.

Google compute engine (gce)

Kubernetes underpins Google’s container hosting and management service, their own open-source project that powers many large container-based infrastructures. The containers sit on top of Google’s own hosting service, one of the most reliable cloud-hosting services available.


The bucket where the backup data will be stored.


Json key file of the google service account credentials. Have a look at: Generating a service account credential


The target location for the backups.


Most of Heroku’s workflow is triggered by git push commands. These are still possible with a Docker setup, but an alternative is available via a Docker Compose plugin for pushing your containerized applications straight to the service. Heroku also maintains Docker images for most of the languages it supports.


You just have to call the following command to install docker hosting on your server:

Microsoft azure

While AWS looms over all other cloud providers, Azure is actually the second most popular. Backed by a large company, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon and is your best source of Windows-based VMs. Besides a Docker Machine driver, pre-built VM extensions are also available.

Azure is an official Docker trusted registry partner, either through their own VM image or by installing yourself.


You need a linux server with docker and python 3 installed. If you use Fedora Server from version 26 and above the installation command down below will setup the requirements automatically.

We recommend you to use Fedora Server in combination with mamiu/dotfiles for the best hosting server experience.
After Fedora Server installation you just need to call

on the server or on your local machine (you’ll be able to setup a remote host). This setup script also asks you to configure your server as a docker hosting server.


In the restore section you can define parameters for the restore task.


Before the restore script is executed docker hosting will restore this archive from the backup storage, configured in the docker-hosting/docker-hosting.yml config file.Default is restore/restore.zip.


The path and name of the restore script relative to the websites directory. This script is called if dh restore command is executed. If there’s no script option under restore and no restore/restore.sh restore script, only the websites directory will be restored but not the docker container content.Default is restore/restore.sh.


This Docker hosting service launched just this month! It provides CLI tools, web interface, persistent storage between container launches, and statistics. Application stacks are constructed through a JSON file. Thanks to the underlying Mesos integration, Sloppy allows you to set machine specifications. For example:


The version of the config file. Till now it’s version 1.

Website configuration

Websites can be configured with a config file in the websites directory. The config file has to be called docker-hosting.yml (the .yaml extension works as well).

Here’s an example of the default config file:

What is the best free docker hosting?

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Выделенный сервер

Docker предлагает на своем сайте несколько вариантов серверов с процессорами фирмы Intel. В случае преждевременного расторжения договора аренды сервера, хостинг обещает вернуть неиспользованный остаток по счету.

Как заказать хостинг приложений

В личном кабинете BILLmanager в разделе Товары/Услуги зайдите в раздел Хостинг приложений и нажмите кнопку Заказать. Если в последствии вы решите перенести сайт на обычный виртуальный сервер — служба поддержки готова вам помочь в рамках пакета администрирования сервера.

Надёжный защищённый хостинг от докера | docker |

Каждому домену в подарок хостинг на 50 МБ!

Дата-центр Tier 3

Принцип «всё включено»

Гарантированный uptime 99,999%

Безлимитный трафик

Никакого оверселла!

Бесплатный backup на хостинге

Нам важна обратная связь!

Тестируйте! Поделитесь с нами наблюдениями, что юзабельно, что нет. Какие шаблоны нам следует добавить? За полезные отзывы мы подарим вам скидки на виртуальные серверы.

Успевайте, выделенные под тест ресурсы ограничены. Мы оставляем за собой право временно приостановить обработку заказов при необходимости.

Панель управления

Управление хостинг-аккаунтом производится в cPanel, однако есть возможность использовать ISPmanager. Кстати, специалисты Docker могут бесплатно перенести ваш сайт с другого хостинга и настроить его работу на своих мощностях. Для осуществления переноса свяжитесь со службой поддержки.

Техническая поддержка

Поддержка пользователей осуществляется в рабочие часы (не круглосуточно) по тикетам из панели управления и локальному телефону. Мы протестировали её работу, задав несколько технических вопросов через систему тикетов в панели управления. Среднее время ответа составило примерно одни сутки (24 часа). Оператор был услужливым, его ответы были информативными.

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