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Solutions | The Ultimate Acceleration Platform - LiteSpeed Technologies Хостинг

#1 hostinger

Hostinger has is one of the most affordable and reliable LiteSpeed hosting packages you can go with. If you are running tight on budget and want to go with the best hosting, you can surely have a look at Hostinger. There are many features available here.

If you are planning to install WordPress, you will get development tools as well as you will get WordPress Acceleration to speed up the website. Even shared hosting has LiteSpeed. So, you don’t need to look for dedicated LiteSpeed hosting. The good thing here is that all the plans have LiteSpeed even the most affordable one.

Many similar features make it the #1 hosting in this ranking. It has Cloudflare along with LiteSpeed. When these two combine, you get awesome speed as well as security. The first plan allows you to host only one website but is extremely affordable. Therefore, anyone who wants to start a website with LiteSpeed can get started with Hostinger with few clicks.

Price Starting at $1.39 per month.

#2 a2 hosting

People already know about A2 Hosting. Their servers are 20x faster with turbo speed. For better speed, they also have LiteSpeed enhanced web server. You can go with the Turbo boost or max plans on shared hosting or you can directly open their page for the LiteHosting. There are two plans in shared hosting. You can go with anyone you like.

A2 Hosting is known for its speed and support. If you are looking for a server that has great speed which you can rely on, you should surely check out A2 Hosting. You will get 2 to 5 times more resources (depending on the plan you choose). They also have a free migration facility. The LiteSpeed hosting by A2 can handle up to 9x traffic with ease.

Price starting at $5.99 per month.

#3 tmd hosting

TMD Hosting is yet another great hosting you can go with. The regular web hosting (shared hosting) doesn’t come with LiteSpeed. Therefore, if you want to go with TMD, you will have to go with their Cloud plan. Their Cloud hosting also has various advantages.

The best thing about the TMD cloud is that the price is less as compared to its competitors. You will pay almost the same amount as shared hosting. This is the reason why it’s good to choose this hosting. Various caching mechanisms are available.

Pricing starts at $5.95 per month.

#4 greengeeks

If you want to contribute your part to global warming and you want the best LiteSpeed web hosting, GreekGeeks is the last stop for you. It has 300% renewable energy. In simpler words, they give 3 times more energy than they consume. So, it will help a lot in global warming. The features here are unmatchable. You will get not one but many features that make you buy this hosting.

#5 hostwinds

Hostwinds also offers Litespeed hosting but it will cost you a bit more as compared to others. This is because of the hosting type. Here, you will have to choose the business hosting instead of the shared hosting. Therefore, the cost is more. You only get LiteSpeed in business hosting. The price is surely expensive but there are more resources here.

It has route optimized network and you can surely rely on them as they monitor the servers constantly. The entire management of the website is done by them. You don’t have to worry about the server anymore. Just like shared hosting, you will get cPanel where you manage your stuff. Further, you will get all the basic hosting features such as Softaculous installer, backups, etc.

Pricing starts at $8.99 per month.

#7 liquid web

If you have got the budget and want to go with the best LiteSpeed web hosting, you can surely check out Liquid web. It’s not a shared hosting plan but it’s a complete dedicated server. So, you get the entire server on your own. This is usually suited if you want to host high-end apps or websites. In that case, you can surely choose Liquid web. You are in complete control here.

With great control comes great responsibility. You should know about managing the server if you want to go with the dedicated plan. Although, it’s a managed server so you don’t have to be too technical but basic knowledge is still required. You can install the panel of your choice and start managing the server with ease.

Pricing starts at $169 per month.

❷ safety

LiteSpeed ​​Web Server prevents denial of service attacks. You can effectively enforce limits with the LSWS architecture and configurable features.

❹ free cpanel control panel

cPanel is a powerful Linux control panel accompanied by Litespeed WebServer for high efficiency. You get it for free with our web hosting plans.

Best alternative to litespeed?

If migrating to another host is a hassle for you, then I got you covered.

What you see above are the speed results that I’ve got thanks to this amazing optimization service called NitroPack.

It really does wonders, they have a free plan. So give it a try 😉

Best litespeed hosting providers

We will now begin the list of the best LiteSpeed hosting providers. You can directly choose anyone from these.


  • It is 2x more powerful and 2x faster
  • Litespeed webserver
  • Memcache, Varnish cache, and APC/Opcache available
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Managed cloud
  • DDR4 RAM
  • Easy to scale
  • Data mirroring
  • Separate network for computing and storage cluster to ensure better speed
  • RAID technology

Litespeed сервер — база знаний cpanel хостинг


LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) — проприетарное (коммерческое) программное обеспечение веб-сервера. Это 5-й по популярности веб-сервер, который по оценкам использоваться 6,4% веб-сайтов по состоянию на апрель 2020 года. LSWS разработан частной компанией LiteSpeed Technologies. Программное обеспечение использует тот же формат конфигурации, что и HTTP-сервер Apache, и совместимо с большинством функций Apache.

LSWS был выпущен в 2003 году, а в августе 2008 года он стал 16-м по популярности веб-сервером. В ноябре 2022 года доля рынка LiteSpeed выросла с 0,39% до 3,29%, увеличив свою позицию с 10-го по 4-е место по популярности среди веб-серверов по версии Netcraft.

LiteSpeed является полноценной альтернативой Apache
LiteSpeed полностью совместим с Apache. Это означает, что сайт, созданный для работы на Apache, будет без нареканий функционировать и на виртуальном хостинге LiteSpeed.

Повышенная производительность LiteSpeed
Веб-сервер LiteSpeed легко справляется с высокой посещаемостью, которая может составлять несколько тысяч пользователей в секунду. И что характерно, на обработку информации расходуются несравнимо меньшие объёмы памяти и процессорные мощности, чем в случае использования серверов Apache или Ngnix.

Кэширование данных в LiteSpeed
Веб-сервер LiteSpeed отличается от традиционных решений повышенной производительностью и способностью обработки существенного трафика. Более производительным его делает инновационный принцип кэширования данных, а именно технология LSCache. Благодаря этому страницы веб-ресурсов загружаются с высокой скоростью независимо от конкретной CMS. Например, разделы интернет-магазинов на основе Magento или сайты на WordPress откликаются на пользовательские запросы быстрее в 75 раз! При этом кэш не нуждается в настройках – они заложены по умолчанию в базовую версию программного обеспечения LiteSpeed.

Плагины кеширования для популярных CMS
Разработчики LiteSpeed представляются плагины для ускорения сайтов при использовании самых распространенных систем управления сайтами: WordPress, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal, XenForo, MediaWiki, Laravel, Shopware. Кеширование работает на уровне сервера, а не стандартно на PHP. Это дает существенный прирост производительности.

Memory and storage

  • Memory: 32 MB or above
  • Disk Installation: 200 MB
  • Runtime: 300 MB

Basically, any server that can run Apache has also the capability to run Litespeed. The main thing is that the company must support Litespeed. That’s why you need to look for the best LiteSpeed web hosting provider.

Operating system

  • Linux: Minimum 2.4 Kernal version, Glibc 2.2 and above
  • CentOS: 5 or above.
  • Ubuntu: 8.04 or above
  • Debian: 4 or above
  • Solaris: Sun0S 5.8 AND ABOVE

Security of personal information

We use reasonable security methods to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. No data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can be guaranteed to be perfectly secure. While we try to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk.

LiteSpeed uses industry-standard SSL-encryption to protect sensitive data.

In the event that LiteSpeed becomes aware of a security breach, unauthorized disclosure or inadvertent disclosure concerning your information, you agree that LiteSpeed may notify you of such an event using the Personal Information previously provided.

You are responsible for maintaining your account’s security.

Use and storage of collected information

LiteSpeed may use Personal Information to create and authenticate your account, to respond to your requests, to provide you with customer and technical support, or to provide you with information regarding our products, services, partners, and company.

Vps/vds с litespeed — аренда впс по цене от 55 рублей

На нашем сайте представлено 2 023 виртуальных сервера VPS/VDS с Litespeed по цене от 55 рублей. Чтобы арендовать виртуальный сервер, выберите подходящий тариф и купите его на сайте хостинг-провайдера. У нас вы найдете только актуальные предложения от различных компаний, присутствующих на рынке интернет-услуг, среди которых FirstByte, uaVPS, JustHost и другие.

What are litespeed server requirements?

There are some basic requirements that your web host needs. Here is the list of the technical requirements.

What is a litespeed cache?

You can always try out the LiteSpeed Cache plugin here. It’s a server-level cache plugin for WordPress which also acts as an accelerator. LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress also known as LSCWP is directly available in the WordPress plugin directory. You can install it from there for free.

What is litespeed hosting? (3 types)

The first thing that you need to know is what is LiteSpeed. Many people think that LiteSpeed is an addon, they are partly right.

You need to understand that there are three types of LiteSpeed.

  • LiteSpeed Web Server (Often referred to as Enterprise version)
  • OpenLiteSpeed for WordPress
  • LiteSpeed Plugin

1. LiteSpeed Web Server: The first type (LiteSpeed Web Server) is the one that will be in focus here. It’s an alternative to Apache webserver. When you go with LiteSpeed hosting, it will increase the speed of your website. Your website will load in less time.

2. OpenLiteSpeed: Now, the second one is where you can install LiteSpeed as an addon from your hosting panel. Usually, cloud service provides this option. We will surely talk about it as one of the LiteSpeed hosting services has OpenLiteSpeed.

3. LiteSpeed Plugin: Last but not the least, you can also install it as a WordPress plugin. We will also talk about this later. So, don’t worry, this guide has all the things that you are looking for.

Let’s start with the requirements of LiteSpeed before we get on to the list.


To summarize, this was all about LiteSpeed hosting. We saw what is LiteSpeed hosting as it’s always better to understand things before you jump into them. Thereafter, we saw the complete list and then ended up reviewing the plugin as well. All the given hosting services are best in their way. Depending on your requirements, you can choose one.

For example:

So, it is surely your choice on which one you have to choose. You can visit their website to have a look at the other features. You might get a better idea about the hosting if you see the complete features.

Let us know of your pick in the comment section below 😊

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