3 Simple Ways To Fix Tapinstall.exe Failed

3 Simple Ways To Fix Tapinstall.exe Failed Хостинг

3 Simple Ways To Fix Tapinstall.exe Failed

tapinstall exe failed

Tapinstall.exe is a windows related driver which was created by the company ‘Anchorfree’. This is a company that focuses on ensuring their consumers with technologies to enable safe and secure internet connection while surfing the net. The driver made by them is an executable file.

Sometimes these types of files can harm your computers and other devices with potentially harmful viruses. So, they should be deleted to keep your computer secure. However, that is not the case with tapinstall.exe and it serves as a driver which is needed to run most of the VPN and antivirus programs.

1. Run Antivirus

2. Incorrect Config Filename

3. Restart Device

Sometimes you might be running into this error because your computer has been running on for several days and the cache files have stored up. This is rarely the case, however; you can try this to fix it. Restart your device to delete all the temporary files. After this open up the software you were trying to install before and re-run the installation. This time your software should be able to install without any problem.

3 Simple Ways To Fix Tapinstall.exe Failed

openvpn netsh command failed

2. T AP-Windows Adapter V9

There are some settings that people need to be extremely mindful of while using OpenVPN, and one of them is TAP-Windows Adapter V9. In addition, you need to set the right name. So, open the network and internet tab in the control panel and tap on the network and sharing center.

Then, click on change settings for the network adapter and move down to TAP-Windows Adapter V9. You need to right-click on the icon and click on the “change name” option and write tap0.

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3. Internet Protocol Version

However, if this method doesn’t work for you, you can download and install the re-enable IPv6 option on the non-tunnel interfaces. As a result, you will be able to resolve the issue with IPv6.

In some cases, all your computer is the refresh and reboot to make sure it starts working again. Before you restart the computer, we suggest that you exit OpenVPN as well as other files. Once the files and apps are exited, switch off the computer and restart it after some minutes. When the computer switches on, start OpenVPN again, and it’s likely to resolve the issue.

6. I P Address

When it comes down to OpenVPN, one needs to ensure that the IP address is set correctly. For instance, if the static IP address is set to, it is advised that you change the IP address to DHCP. Once the IP address is set to automatic or DHCP, the functionality will be smoother. However, the IP address is likely to return back to automatically, so keep checking the settings after every few minutes!

3 Simple Ways To Fix Tapinstall.exe Failed

openvpn failed to install tap adapter

Continually running your computer, laptop, or other devices can make it slow and run into errors. This usually happens because a lot of background processes get stockpiled in the background. The temporary cache files also keep getting stored up. By restarting your device all these processes will end and the cache files will get deleted.

This makes your computer run fast again without giving any more errors. To restart your device, open up the start menu, then go to power and select restart. After, your device is done restarting. Download the tap adapter drivers you were getting errors with before. But this time they may download successfully without getting interrupted.

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Right-click on your tap adapter labeled as ‘unknown device’ and click on ‘Update driver software’. Next, you will need to click on ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. This will update your tap adapter. Now, restart your computer to ensure that all the temporary cache files have been removed and then replaced by the updated drivers.

Your firewall might be interrupting the tap adapter from installing. This can happen sometimes when the firewall thinks that you are trying to install a virus on your computer. Disabling your firewall will allow you to install your driver without any issue.

Start by opening up your antivirus program. Go to the firewall and open its settings. Here you will see the option to disable it. After your firewall is switched off, install your tap adapter. To make sure that your firewall does not interrupt your OpenVPN to use the tap drivers after this. Set up an exception for both OpenVPN and tap adapter from firewall’s settings as well as your antivirus program.

This will allow your VPN to bypass your firewall and then connect with your internet connection using the tap adapter drivers without getting any errors.

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