A Complete Guide On Why Laravel Shared Hosting is Not Good

A Complete Guide On Why Laravel Shared Hosting is Not Good Хостинг

Application backup

One of the biggest concerns when using Laravel shared hosting is the lack that there is no application backup facility available. If the data is lost, it’s lost forever. Therefore, shared hosting is not an option for Laravel applications.

Bandwidth & disk space

With shared hosting, all you get is limited bandwidth and disk space on a server.

Benefits of cloud hosting

The benefits of cloud hosting outnumber the benefits of shared hosting. Let’s read about these advantages briefly.

Cloud hosting providers

Popular cloud hosting service providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google’s GCE hosting, DigitalOcean (DO), Linode, and Vultr. AWS offers its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers to handle compute services, along with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

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Cron jobs

If you are using a shared hosting service, you will find scheduling Cron Jobs extremely difficult. This holds for Laravel-based applications as well, as you will be unable to set task scheduling functionality on shared hosting websites.

How cloudways adds value to your laravel apps?

  • Cloudways provides features to deploy Laravel application on different cloud servers (AWS, DO, LINODE, VULTR). You can install Laravel in just minutes.
  • Provides the latest Laravel 5.7 version with PHP 7 ready servers.
  • Supports Redis cache. Enabling Redis improves the performance of databases. Combined with Apache, NGINX, and Varnish, this gives you the ultimate and unbeatable web performance.

Using the Cloudways managed hosting platform, you can easily deploy your Laravel applications. You just have to select your Laravel application version, for instance, Laravel 5.7, and submit all application details. Then select your cloud hosting server. You can also change your server size according to your clients’ requirements.

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In the Application Management tab, you can find many other features like Security, Deployment via Git, Cron job Management, Application Settings, and CloudwaysCDN.

Cloudways also provides Free SSL certificates which you can install SSL in just one click. You can also create a whitelist of IPs, making it easy to collaborate with networks or regions with unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP.

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Cloudways also offers real-time server monitoring service round the clock. You can keep track of over 16 different metrics from the comfort of the console.

In the Manage Services tab, you can easily check all services in real-time, like Apache server, Memcached, New Relic, PHP FPM, Redis, and Varnish, etc.

Laravel hosting | best shared laravel servers (2022)

Here are just a few of the many ways A2 Hosting’s solutions will make your life easier…

perpetual securityAn average of 30,000 sites are hacked each day globally. Our Perpetual Security measures help prevent you from becoming the next victim! That’s why your account include free HackScan Protection to help block hacks before they can do damage to your site. KernelCare rebootless kernel updates, brute force defense, a dual firewall and a number of other security features are already in place to help keep your site secure when you choose A2 Hosting. Our Reinforced distributed denial of service (DDoSProtection even improves the likelihood your site will remain online during even the most sophisticated distributed denial of service attacks.

Laravel shared hosting deploy process

There are many shared hosting providers, including GoDaddy, Hostgator, Namecheap, etc, providing shared hosting services. Deployment of Laravel application on shared hosting offers many challenges that include but are not limited to:

  1. First, you need to compress your Laravel application folder you will get laravelapp.zip
  2. Second, open your Laravel Godaddy or Laravel Hostgator hosting cPanel.
  3. Click on the File manager option and next click to upload button on the top menu.
  4. Next, unzip the laravelapp folder.
  5. Open the laravelapp folder and MOVE the CONTENTS of the public folder to your cPanel’s public_html folder. You can as well delete the empty public folder now.
  6. Navigate to the public_html folder and locate the index.php file. Right-click on it and select Code Edit from the menu.
  7. This will open up another tab showing the cPanel code editor.
  8. Change the following line
`require __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/autoload.php';


$app = require_once __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/app.php';`


`require __DIR__.'/../laravel50/bootstrap/autoload.php';


$app = require_once __DIR__.'/../laravel50/bootstrap/app.php';`

Managed cloud hosting with cloudways

If you type the phrase ‘managed cloud hosting’ in Google’s search bar, you see a long list of managed hosting providers that claim to manage your application and server without any hassle. There is a Catch-22 here.

Multiple sites hosted on a single server

One of the major drawbacks of shared hosting is that there are many other websites – apart from your own – that share the same server.

No ssh terminal

With a shared hosting service, you don’t get any SSH Terminal. Hence, it’s a big no, as missing SSH Terminal can be disastrous for your website.

Q: how to deploy laravel on shared hosting

A: Laravel shared hosting deploy

  • Remove the public from URL.
  • Export database from the local environment.
  • Do ZIP your Laravel project.
  • Create a database in your cPanel.
  • Import the local exported database into shared hosting database.
  • Upload project ZIP file to public_html folder and extract.
  • Update database details into the config file.
  • Some security setup.
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Q: how to solve the laravel error 500?

A: To solve error 500 in Laravel, first you need to execute the following command:sudo chmod -R 755 laravel_blogThen, type the below command that allows Laravel to write file to the storage folder:chmod -R o w laravel/storageHere, Laravel is the name of the directory where the application is installed.


Reliability is one of the most important features that cloud hosting offers. Rather than hosting your website on a shared server, it’s better to host your website on a dedicated virtual cloud server which draws its resource, such as disk space, from an extensive network of underlying physical servers.


Cloud hosting servers offer scalability for your websites, as the resources are available in real-time on-demand and not limited to the physical constraints/capacity of an individual server. For example, if a client website demands an extra resource from its hosting platform due to a spike in visitor traffic or the implementation of new functionality, the resource is readily available and the client can access it easily without any hassle.

Security and performance

Finally, website security and performance are important issues that developers tend to face. By moving everything into your DocumentRoot you expose your application to unconcerned people, most notably, hackers, which leaves you vulnerable to malicious attacks against your website.

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Another related problem in shared server performance is the frequent 500 and related errors for Laravel apps. These are caused mainly because of limited resources and issues in the server setup.

Server performance and response time

On shared hosting, unexpected web traffic could affect the server’s limited bandwidth resources. This will ultimately result in a slow response or loading time. Almost every Laravel app deployed on shared hosting will experience 500 error because of server performance.

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On Cloudways managed hosting platform you can easily manage AWS, DO, GCE, Linode, and Vultr servers, thanks to a rich set of features that harness security and performance of your website.

Ssh or command terminal

You must know that most shared hosting service providers don’t offer SSH Terminal features. Also, there is no version control support available, hence, being a developer, you have limited options to work with. You can work with FTP only.

Most of the developers remain highly critical and discourage the deployment of the Laravel app via FTP. Moreover, if there is no SSH Terminal available, you won’t have any access to the composer, artisan, or any other command-line tools to work with.

The easy (and not so costly) solution

Now, you know why shared hosting is not a good option for Laravel-based apps. You don’t worry though. We have got you covered with a perfect solution for all your Laravel hosting issues. It’s none other than cloud hosting.

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Thunder stack for optimized performance

For the smooth and optimized performance of the Laravel application,  Cloudways provides an optimized stack with the advanced caching mechanism. They also offer a dedicated CDN to help you curb down your web page load time issues, thus ensuring speedy access to your website.

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Why cloud hosting?

Using managed cloud hosting services like the one provided by Cloudways, you can easily deploy Laravel to your server in just a click via Git or SSH terminal, backed up by excellent web security features. Cloud hosting is the process of outsourcing an organization’s computing and storage resources to a service provider that offers its infrastructure services.

Какой тип хостинга подойдет для ларавел?

На самом деле, CMF Laravel довольно неприхотлив и для него подойдет любой вид хостинга:

  • Виртуальный
  • VPS
  • Выделенный сервер

Многое зависит от того, что за проект у вас на нем разработан, объем данных (файлов и базы), а так же посещаемости. Если у вас небольшой сайт — мы рекомендуем взять обычный хостинг. Если посещаемость более 1000 человек в сутки — смотрите в сторону VPS. А когда не будет хватать ресурсов самого мощного VPS — значит ваш проект уже вырос и ему нужен выделенный сервер.

Перенос сайта на laraverl на другой хостинг

Если у вас есть последняя версия сайта в git, то сделать это проще простого. В обратном случае, вам нужно заархивировать все файлы сайта и сделать полный дамп базы.

Далее, создаете базу на новом хостинге и импортируете дамп. После чего необходимо залить архив с файлами на новый сервер и распаковать его. Папка «public» в директории проекта, должна являться document_root вашего сайта. Поэтому перенести сайт на CMF Laravel довольно просто.

Не смотря на то, что Laravel довольно легкий фреймворк — когда Ваш проект заметно вырастит, потребуется аренда мощного сервера, который вы можете заказать у нас с бесплатным администрированием. Мы подготовим Ваш сервер к эффективной и комфортной работе.

Если же у вас возникли трудности, то наши квалифицированные специалисты с удовольствием помогут вам с переносом абсолютно бесплатно и в любое время.

Системные требования и хостинг для php laravel

Для того, чтобы ваш сайт на этом фреймворке работал корректно, необходимо, чтобы на хостинге было установлено, как минимум:

  1. PHP >= 5.5.9
  2. PDO расширение для PHP (для версии 5.1 )
  3. MCrypt расширение для PHP (для версии 5.0)
  4. OpenSSL (расширение для PHP)
  5. Mbstring (расширение для PHP)
  6. Tokenizer (расширение для PHP)
  7. Json (расширение для PHP)
  8. MySQL или MariaDB 5й версии и выше

Стоит отметить, что это не конечный список. Если вы используете дополнительные модули или плагины, у них могут быть свои требования. Мы рекомендуем добавить к этому списку следующие:

  1. cURL
  2. Акселератор (APC, opCache)
  3. ionCube 
  4. наличие SSH

Установка фреймворка на хостинг

В Интернете множество подробных инструкций по установке. Имеется 2 способа установки этого фреймворка:

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