Build Minutes Pricing FAQ

Build Minutes Pricing FAQ Хостинг

# discover netlify

Explore our documentation to learn about Netlify products and features. Here are some highlights from each section of the docs:

Configure builds – Netlify can run your build command and deploy the result whenever you push to your Git repo. Get started with basic build settings, learn about managing build dependencies, and explore additional options available with file-based configuration.

Site deploys – Atomic deploys with Netlify guarantee that your site is always consistent. Learn how to manage deploys, enable deploy notifications, and run a branch-based split test. Use the power of Deploy Previews to review site changes and collaborate with team members.

Monitor sites – Learn how Netlify Analytics lets you monitor trends in site activity. Monitor builds to understand the role individual sites play in your team’s builds usage. Explore what kinds of logs and notifications are available for your sites.

# get started

To get started with Netlify, check out our step-by-step tutorial. For next steps, you can learn how to add a new site. Deployment options range from connecting a Git repository for continuous deployment to publishing a site folder with drag and drop.

Can i put a hard cap on my build minute usage?

No, not at this time.

See plans and pricing

Do build minute packs roll over?

No, build minute packs are for the duration of the billing cycle. Unused minutes do not rollover.

How do i increase my monthly build minute limit?

You can upgrade to a Pro or Business Team account to get a higher allowance of minutes as standard per month or continue to purchase build minute packs as needed.

How do i tell how many build minutes i’m using?

The Netlify dashboard has a Builds tab where you can track your build activity across all your team projects.

Starter plan: will my builds stop working if i go over 300 minutes and no credit card is on file?

We never want to cause unnecessary downtime for your sites, so we won’t stop builds just because you’ve hit your limit and haven’t had the chance to add your credit card yet. However, your account will go into arrears until any outstanding charges are closed.

What happens if a build fails? am i still charged for the time?

If there’s an error in your build scripts or build dependencies, the time spent on failed builds may still be applied to your total build minutes. If your build fails due to an error or problem with the Netlify platform, the failed build will not be applied to your total build minutes.

What triggers a new build on a website?

Depending on how you’ve setup your project, a new build process can be triggered automatically as you push code to remote git branches. This is called continuous deployment. Webhooks can also be set to trigger builds via integration with other hosted services such as a headless CMS provider. Finally, builds can be manually triggered via the Netlify dashboard.

Will i be notified if i’m reaching my limit of build minutes?

Yes. The Netlify platform sends automated emails as you cross 50%, 75%, and 100% of your allotted build minutes. You can also keep a close eye on your build minute usage in the Netlify dashboard.

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