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VPS London Hosting Server - Only $2,99 - VPSServer Хостинг

#2. wp hosting — less downtime

With so many computers speaking to each other —“cloud computing” is another alias for cloud hosting — the chances of crashes dwindle.

It’s simply far less likely that several servers all across the world will crash at the same time, thus send your web site down the chute.

Plus, the automatic systems check for downtime issues every five minutes, while the 24/7 support team is on call to deal with any problems.

If your site suddenly needs a surge of resources to handle a spike in traffic — no problem. This is the beauty of combining WP optimization with cloud hosting.

Take advantage of viral attention without worrying about your site squeezing your bandwidth, as a shared hosting setup would automatically do.

#3. wp hosting — outsourcing & customer support

The Kinsta team places your website in an environment optimized for WP websites, which explains the boosted performance metrics.

The customer support are also specialists in WordPress-related issues. Some are even WP developers!

Backups are automatic — on file for at least a fortnight (and up to a month). If you want to find lost information, it’s a straightforward process. They take place each day, with the option of making it hourly available as default.

As a last tidbit, there are data centres in Europe to choose from. If your customers are mostly in the UK, grab one closest to it. That’s a useful bit of control.

#4. wp hosting — testing (staging site)

Very cool feature. The staging site lets you test out experimental and everyday edits to your site, before publishing or adding to your main site.

Maybe you have new bits of code, plugins (special features/capabilities), or changes to your look. You can quickly test these out before going live.

Kinsta’s basic plan covers you for 25,000 visitors a month, a reasonable amount for a new and growing business. Should you overshoot this (the pains of success, I know) there’s an overcharge fee. But at 76p per 1,000 extra visitors, it isn’t going to break the bank.

The plans scale up from roughly “I’m a small business owner” (25,000 visitors per month) to “I own business itself” (2,500,000 visitors per month). Like I keep saying, whatever the scale of your hosting needs, Kinsta’s got you.

All these plans come with a 30-Day money-back guarantee with all the typical bells and whistles thrown in.

You won’t get an entry-level pricing plan here, but if you’re serious about getting the best service possible, then that shouldn’t really matter.

And you’ve graduated from the first semester of our class. Now it’s time to round out our knowledge so that all the terms I’m using start to make sense. 🎓

Advantages of ssd

  • • SSD speed rate is fast, reaching up to 100 microseconds. It makes it a good option for operating systems, amount of data per second.
  • • It has a reliable performance since it depends on memory chips rather than moving parts.
  • • SSD improves battery lifespan since it doesn’t require an extra cost of energy.
  • • There are various sizes of SSD available in the market today, including 1.0 and 2.5 inches. However, it makes it possible to utilize it in small devices.
  • • SSD help improves machine lifespan because it generates lesser heat while working.

Bonus security tools

Also, A2 provides some excellent security tools, one of them is called HackScan— part of A2 Hosting’s Perpetual Security initiative.

Then there’s A2’s Dual Hosting Firewall, which is complemented by security monitoring, virus scanning, and a brute force defense mechanism.

Note that these aren’t just optional add-ons, where you need to set everything up and manage them yourself as you’d do with other hosts.

A2 Hosting manages them seamlessly in the background on behalf of you. 

This way, you can have your peace of mind and focus on other important business-related stuff, and let A2 worry about your security.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting illustrationFor the dreamers, the square pegs in a round hole…

We’re not done, not by a long shot.

Chances are you have a rough idea of what “The Cloud” is. Now we’ll talk about cloud hosting.

There’s some similarity with VPS here. But rather than being on one site, servers/computers are pooled together from different locations.

You end up with very quick loading times and lots of flexibility in climbing up or down the scale ladder.

This goes for space. Upgrades are immediate, which is why cloud hosting has boomed in popularity recently — we’re still waiting on a single.

Cloud hosting limitations

In truth, cluster hosting resolves many of the issues that can occur in VPS or shared hosting setups.

Despite the instability of actual clouds, cloud computing is a very solid and reliable hosting solution.

In a sense, it’s more communal than shared hosting minus the security, power and space negatives. Though virtually shared, you still have a personal space.


As mentioned in our A2 Hosting UK review, A2 also uses Cloudflare for most of their hosting plans.

Cloudflare has a wide range of security and performance protection elements that allow you to deliver content at fast speeds without the hassle of malicious threats attacking your website.

Additionally, you’ll receive a security option called “Patchman” for each shared SSD account, including a few HDD servers.

This tool helps to identify infected files, outdated software versions, etc. It can even patch any security concerns with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Designing your website

The most popular site creation and design tool today is WordPress. I always recommend WordPress for people who expect something unique, branded and tailored for their site.

Your website represents you. Like SiteGuard in overall hosting, WordPress is the best of the best for site creation — whether you use an easy customizable “theme” package, or pay an expert like me to customize it for you.

It’s a one-click installation. Having SiteGuard’s native interface come with WP means you save time and hassle — with automatic updates. That falls in the Every Little Helps category.

You can ask SiteGuard’s experts to handle the migration of any old site you had over to their hosting plan, and to provide general WP support.

Developer features

A2 Hosting also offers a ton for developers.

If you’re a programmer or enjoy coding, you’ll most definitely appreciate the kind of support A2 offers for many programming tools and languages.

Your A2 account is always loaded with the latest versions of your favorite developer software. For instance, A2 was one of the world’s first PHP7 hosting providers.

On top of that, you’ll get performance-tuned databases, like MySQL, along with many hosting frameworks for Ruby, Perl, and Python.


It further provides a shopping cart that you can use on your eCommerce platform.

A2 offers support for several highly-efficient eCommerce tools, like Magenta and PrestaShop. The 1-click cart set up option doesn’t require complex coding.

Tons of other analytics and SEO tools are available as well:

Hosting types explained

A few years ago, UK’s web hosting industry was lagging behind on the US and even most European countries. However, with over 171,200 active websites in 2022, the UK web hosting market now has a compound annual growth rate of 13.25%. Compared to countries such as Spain, France, and Germany, the growth rate is 2-3x larger.

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a boffin. If you’re here and reading, you are now one of us.

As you tumble down the rabbit hole, even the question of hosting type unravels — that’s this section #TheMatrix

People tell you to go get hosting, but the question of what type is less commonly asked — as though you’re a rookie.

Each type is very different with defined strengths and weaknesses that affect overall capabilities.

Your most common and expected type is shared hosting, which we’ll look into first as it fits most needs. But there are specialized alternatives for the big wigs. Five, roughly speaking:

  1. ☑️ Shared
  2. ☑️ VPS (virtual private server)
  3. ☑️ Dedicated
  4. ☑️ Cloud
  5. ☑️ Reseller

Java script

Considering that 94.5% of all sites use it, it’s pretty safe to say JavaScript’s crucial, though it’s becoming less popular on the “back-end” (where the deepest code is.)

It’s most utilised for dynamic and interactive web pages. It’s also possible to combine JavaScript with other coding languages, to boost the number of platforms your site runs on.


These guys are running the closest second behind WordPress though they’re several hundred metres behind in the race.

Kinsta review

I’ve heard this described as the best premium WordPress hosting service out there…now, that’s a pretty bold claim, but with a five-year consecutive award streak to back it up, Kinsta might be onto something.

This is a provider for serious business. From a small and rapidly growing team to an established company looking to streamline their performance, Kinsta has a plan for everyone. They’re fast, secure and comprehensive — words to make any CEO’s spine shiver with excitement.

I’ll get into loading times in the benefits section below. But first, with so much marketing gimmickry out there, let me give a smidgen of attention to who this company are.

Kinsta isn’t the only host provider that offers WordPress hosting — which we’ll discuss below — but they do some key things differently, putting themselves in a different league.

London – linux and windows vps

London hdd vps

London HDD VPS is an old method of disk storage space, unlike SSD. Meanwhile, the HDD storage carries out its actions using vinyl records. The HDD writes data via the rotation of the installed metal disk. Thereby, the frequent rotation of the metal disk can cause wear and tear to the machine. Thus, reducing the machine durability.

Many times, developers already install the hard disk drive on the desktop. Hence, when you get a new desktop, you will find HDD running on it, and sometimes a combination of HDD and SSD. HDD stores up the running operating system, media, applications, and software. Moreover, the spinning or moving parts of HDD stores up your data while your web page is off

London ssd vps

Unlike HDD, London SSD VPS works with a memory chip in place of the metal disk in HDD, which lasts longer. SSD is a newer version of the storage system than HDD. If you own a new version of a computer or laptop, it most likely has SSD. However, SSD doesn’t have a moving part.

Furthermore, below are the pros and cons of HDD and SSD to enable you to form better decisions.

No review is complete without a techie section

Let’s take a look into what else A2 Hosting has to offer except examplary speeds and a (somewhat) premium pricing plan:

Php framework

Actually, your WordPress website might contain PHP elements. What we’re talking about here is a complete Custom PHP website framework versus a WordPress Website framework.

A PHP framework is more secure versus your regular CMS’s. The code is customized just for your site, so hackers can’t send automated problems your way so easily.

Reseller hosting

reseller hosting iconDeep boffin territory.

This last type is for you if you want to share some of your paid-for hosting resources with a third party, as a source of income.

You allot a portion of bandwidth, email accounts or space etc. for a fee. This is similar to being a landlord, renting out a place to tenants.

Perhaps you’re looking to offer WiFi in a certain location for a daily charge. In that case, reseller hosting could be ideal for you.

Run, jump, fly, sell

As stated above, A2 Hosting’s WordPress experts developed the four different levels of WordPress plans based on feedback from current and prospective customers. All plans include cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit for easy site management. The tiers are defined as: 

Security and backup

All of A2 Hosting’s data centers are SSAE16 certified, involving a gated parking lot with security key entry.

Furthermore, a security key must be inserted in order to enter the data centers. As for physical security, it’s been enhanced greatly with video surveillance. 👀

There’s also a server rewind backup facility that lets you recover data automatically from saved account backup snapshots.

Shared hosting

This is the most popular, common and least expensive type and probably the hosting you’ll buy as a newbie or small-to-medium sized business.

Shared hosting limitations

There are a few. For sites that handle very sensitive data, shared hosting plans may be a large concern.

The server’s very communal nature may allow viruses to spread across a server site, infecting those linked to it.

You have no way to personalize your security. You’re essentially relying on your hosting team to protect you.

There are also restrictions in the fine-print that you may not be aware of in your shared hosting contract.

The small price often goes hand-in-hand with annoying pricing schemes that may suddenly see your charges quadruple. Your hosting plan can also be terminated for a broader number of reasons.

In some cases, if you exceed your traffic quota! One day swimming in new money, next day site crash. For online product creators with sharp time windows … yeah, be careful.

A sudden spike in traffic might break or slow your site, due to the server’s cap, killing golden opportunities.

To buy or not to buy vps

Are you not entertained? Well, then let us PROCEED deeper into the depths of hosting boffinery. Two more types.

Vds/vps virtual server rental in london — g-core labs

“We were researching the business streaming services market for a long time, looking for a service that would bring our initial concept to life. Thanks to G‑Core Labs, we managed to achieve everything we had conceived. Our product, which was already in demand in the virtual events industry, has become exactly what we have been striving for for a long time. Your team perfectly solves any of our tasks at all stages of cooperation. We are currently working on the implementation of the G‑Core Labs streaming panel, which will bring another advantage to our service.”

“We were researching the business streaming services market for a long time, looking for a service that would bring our initial concept to life. Thanks to G‑Core Labs, we managed to achieve everything we had conceived. Our product, which was already in demand in the virtual events industry, has become exactly what we have been striving for for a long time. Your team perfectly solves any of our tasks at all stages of cooperation. We are currently working on the implementation of the G‑Core Labs streaming panel, which will bring another advantage to our service.”

Vps hosting limitations

It isn’t all roses and sunshine. I’ll give you extra credits in this class if you recall the negative by the end of this sentence.

Dosh, fella. You gets what you pays for, as they say. As you get a whole lot more, you’ll pay lots more too.

VPS hosting is still generally suitable for mid-to-large businesses, as the optimal boost in performance pays for itself.

You’ll also need to pay for tech support if you want to utilize all of the increased controls on offer. Unless you’re already savvy.

Why my eye is on kinsta

I love innovation. People don’t often associate creativity with programming and web development. Those people would be wrong 😎

Why wordpress is (probably) the best for you

If you were to go directly through WordPress for everything, you’d need to pay them for hosting and a domain.

But to me, WordPress is a speciality service. They do one thing very well: design your place of business.

If you decide to go the WP route, make sure to get the best hosting for WordPress.

In terms of themes, you want to think of WP as like the Google App store: unlimited. Thousands and thousands of templates.

“Themes”— aka pre-designed sites that you can customize — are a business unto themselves that range from basic to Fortune 500.

Endless possibilities. But this might not be ideal for your business. Let’s briefly talk about three more CMS’s — Content Management Systems.

It’s important to note that all of these coding types can be incorporated into WordPress. Indeed, one of WP’s coolest features is its expandability for scaling up or customization.


I’ve blathered on about this a few times in the guide. As it says on the tin, it’s a no fuss way to start building your WP site.

1-click installations are actually a standard now with most hosts. Once you’ve bought your web hosting, you’ll find the option to install WordPress with one click.

Hey presto — you’ll have your WordPress, domain and hosting accounts linked up, ready for mobilization.

The app itself will either be through c-panel or a customized version that your host has created — use WP itself to enter.

Because you’ve got your domain — if you haven’t here’s a guide on purchasing a web domain — you can begin on a free WP account.

Your cloud hosting team

Though there are similarities between ordinary web hosting and “cloud computing,” which is another name for cloud hosting, they can be complex.

Here’s how ordinary hosting works. First, your chosen team will give you access to their servers for a fee.

On that server, you can store website files and info. This is then beamed across the world — onto the World Wide Web. Cloud computing/hosting differs by turning many physical servers into ones connected by a virtual thread.

This is also called cluster hosting. One way of thinking about this is that one site may have traffic problems, causing your site to go/slow down.

But many differently located sites working together would have to all go down to affect you. Much less likely.

Many computers are locked together in a virtual space that can be toggled and controlled very rapidly.

Overall, this offers superior control, very suitable for people who expect sudden and specific traffic increases.

The cloud setup multiplies the hosting capacity to levels that a non-cloud server cannot keep up with.

You’ll have increased power available, with even more decreased risk of downtime (crashes) in demanding periods.

Your dedicated hosting team/limitations

Your team will give you full control over your server, which includes the hardware and operating systems used.

Ironically, opting for a dedicated server puts more of the managerial responsibility in your hands, though you may be provided with dedicated engineers.

Other hosting setups come with a pre-existing team supporting the server, while this plan expects you to build your own.

You should have more technical knowledge or hire a team with it, so they can customize your setup.

Your vps hosting team

Aside from the caviar and chauffeurs, VPS offers you majorly increased bandwidth (traffic allotment) and space.

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