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Java Application Container

What Java application container do they offer? Most J2EE/J2SE Java applications will run well on a Tomcat application container. While some may need access to specific J2EE features and require J2EE specific applications such as WildFly, GlassFish, etc.

It’s important you verify all these to make sure you’re getting the right solution.

Their Customer Support is Practically Useless

If you’re using free hosting and something goes wrong with your website or Java Servlet, good luck trying to get ahold of the company’s customer support. And even if you do manage to get someone on the phone, they certainly won’t be an IT expert. More than likely, they’ll be a scripted customer service representative on the other side of the globe.

On the other hand, paid hosting services are able to offer fast and knowledgeable support from a team of qualified computer engineers (who actually know what they’re talking about). Hey, you get what you pay for.

Free Websites Look Unprofessional

Let’s face it, free websites are just plain sloppy. For starters, your domain name is attached to the name of the provider. Right off the bat, this leads people to believe that you don’t care enough about your brand to spend a little money on a unique domain.

In addition to providing you with a professional domain name, paid services offer an unlimited number of branded email addresses. Instead of sending business-related emails from a hard to remember personal address, you can create email accounts that use your company name to send out promotional materials and respond to customer questions.

“Free” Hosting Isn’t Really Free

No company is providing you with free hosting resources out of the kindness of their hearts. Like any other business, they’re out to make a profit. Providers have the right to use your “free” website to host whatever advertisements they want wherever they want, and they never have to pay you a single dime.

With paid hosting resources, you’re in control and are able to run more technologies such as the Java platform. You only host ads if you want to host ads, and any revenue they generate goes directly to you, not some greedy hosting company.

PermGen Space

In brief, the JVM heap memory is structured into regions, called generations and there is also some separate heap space called permanent generation.

Some Java objects are stored in this generation space permanently as well as class definitions and static instances. So it’s important to have enough PermGen space in order to avoid the dreaded OutOfMemoryError: PermGen Space error message.

So it’s important to have a good amount of PermGen. Most Java web hosts will give you higher JVM Heap size but greatly limit your PermGen so bear this mind.

Your Security is at Risk

Even if you don’t think that it’s important to have a site that’s fast, reliable, and professional, no one can deny that it’s important to have one that’s safe to use with Java. Safe for not only for you, the site owner, but also for the people who visit and interact with your site, data, and web resources every day.

If your app collects any type of personal information, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, or credit card numbers, you can’t afford to be cheap when it comes to security and features. Using a paid Java server better guarantees the safety of your information.

7 best tomcat hosting providers (2022)

We will now have a look at the best Tomcat providers.

7 reasons you shouldn’t consider free java hosting

In today’s world, if you don’t have a website for your business, you’re practically irrelevant. That’s why so many people turn to free Java hosting providers. But if you’re trying to run a serious business, build a professional portfolio, or run a successful blog CMS based on Java, you might want to rethink that free Java server hosting.

Compared to paid hosting, free web hosting is extremely limited, especially when it comes to one with Java support. If your goals include increasing site traffic, monetizing your website, or impressing a potential employer, it’s more than worth it to pay a few dollars each month for the additional features and level of professionalism that a free Java Servlets service can provide.

Criteria for choosing the best tomcat server hosting?

Before you choose any provider, there are certain criteria to keep in mind:

How to choose the best java web host

A Java web developer’s web hosting server reflects his or her work! Let’s fact it, you have worked very hard to write the best optimal Java codes for your web app.

Production-grade java hosting solution

JavaPipe is an old hand at enterprise-level Java platform and VPS hosting, our specialty being Java hosting with MySQL (using MariaDB) on a Cloud platform with anytime money-back gurantee during the first month, which many hosting companies and hosting providers don’t offer.

The underlying operating system is based on Linux, because Linux guarantees stability over Windows, a high level of performance, latest Java technologies and tons of features. We like to think that our solution is easier to manage than other hosting solutions, such as VPS hosting or dedicated servers.

While there are many ways to skin a (tom)cat, we like to think our way is the right way, which is why we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who are choosing hosting their apps’ content on our Java web hosting services and a passion for constantly improving our services, their features, and their uptime. Our hosting reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Our goal is to provide you with the best affordable JSP hosting services and additional options for your Java app through our specialized Java 7, 8 and 9 hosting services on a redundant SSD cloud platform with private JVM.

Most Java web hosting providers offer only shared JVM hosting services and only few features and common hard disk space and low bandwidth, which comes with many restrictions and often a questionable uptime, while with a private JVM on a shared server you get a vanilla Tomcat installation which you can do with whatever you want.

A powerful private Tomcat instance has many advantages over a shared container and we don’t only recommend it for Java development, but for anyone hosting Java-based web sites. You have complete control online over the whole installation and are able to run any framework and Java program on our Java web hosting.

Apache Tomcat is the most popular and widely used implementation of the Java Servlet specification on the open-source market today to host Java Servlets.

Originally developed by Sun Microsystems, known as Jakarta and was donated to the Apache Software Foundation in 1999, Apache has continued to develop and improve upon its feature set and stability. It became the most popular solution for code written in the Java programming language (not to confuse with JavaScript).

Run, jump, fly, sell

As stated above, A2 Hosting’s WordPress experts developed the four different levels of WordPress plans based on feedback from current and prospective customers. All plans include cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit for easy site management. The tiers are defined as: 

Supported java versions

Heroku currently uses Open JDK 8 to run your application default. Open JDK versions 7 is available.

Current versions are:

  1. Java 7 – 1.7.0_79
  2. Java 8 – 1.8.0_66

Click here to get help for everything that you need to do to deploy to Heroku.

Type of java web hosting environments

When it comes to hosting a Java web application, there are several options available to you and we’re going to take a look at some of them.

Vps/vds хостинг и его качество услуг

Для клиента, хостеры предоставляют большое количество основных сервисов и дополнительных услуг. Которые дают возможность арендовать место под любой тип web-ресурса:

  • сайты-блоги, сайты-форумы, сайты-визитки, сайты-портфолио;
  • одностраничные сайты, корпоративные сайты, продающие страницы, информационные сайты;
  • интернет-каталоги, интернет-магазины, контент-проекты, целевые страницы, игровые порталы и многое другое.

Теперь разрабатывать веб-проекты получается значительно проще, потому что разработчику хост-фирмы предоставляют большой комплект компьютерного обеспечения:

  • доступная процедура заказа хостинга;
  • установка ресурса, использование программных продуктов управления;
  • аренда доменных имён, например, .рф;
  • предоставление современных сетевых технологий и хранилищ данных;
  • гарантия наименьшего количества ресурсов хостинга;
  • периодическое хранение данных вашего сайта;
  • малая стоимость обслуживания и т. п.

What is apache tomcat?

It’s is an open-source Servlet container for hosting Java code. To put it simply, a Java Servlet container provides the environment in which Java Servlets are executed and web page client requests are processed.

Since its initial release by the Apache Software Foundation in 1999, Tomcat has become an industry standard for hosting Java programing language code. The free software is used by companies like Wal-Mart, General Motors, E*Trade, and thousands of others around the world to host their Java applications.

While it isn’t the only open-source container hosting for Java available, it is the most reliable, flexible, and secure. Because it’s open-source, it’s incredibly easy for developers to customize to meet their specific needs. The program’s long history of frequent updates has ensured its consistent stability, reliability, and security over the years.

What is cloud java hosting?

Traditionally, a server is something singular and physical used for hosting Java – somewhere, rows and rows of computers are being used to store a set amount of data for each hosting client. If a Java server experiences a problem, every client on that server will be affected.

Compared to the problems traditional hosting servers face, cloud-based servers solve these issues by providing potentially unlimited storage in a virtual space. Because the cloud is virtual, a problem with one server won’t affect any others, meaning better reliability and more site uptime and better hosting reviews than VPS and dedicated Java hosts.

What is java hosting?

Web hosting is how sites are stored and made accessible on the Internet, and Java web hosting is web hosting for Java developers that supports the Java programming language and ecommerce platforms. It tends to be best suited for Android apps, enterprise, and interactive content design. Make sure to check out hosting reviews.

But there’s more to Java than just the code and database itself – web applications depend on many different Java-based hosting technology, including Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), and Java web host containers. A good Java web hosting provider should have all of these technologies already built into their Java hosting server so that you can start hosting your Java application immediately at high speed.

What is java?

To understand hosting for Java programming language based websites, you have to understand Java. It is a popular programming language used by more than 9 million developers worldwide. It’s come a long way since its introduction in 1995. Today, major companies like Amazon, Google, and eBay use Java in their site architecture. It’s hard to find a website that doesn’t use Java in some form or another.

What is the difference between java hosting and javascript?

It’s important to note that Java is commonly confused with another popular programming language called JavaScript, but the two couldn’t be any more different. One of the main differences is that JavaScript is a scripting language, not a programming language like Java.

What you can do with our java web hosting services

Our cheap Java server hosting services support a variety of frameworks and custom features for Java web applications including but not limited to:

  • Servlets and JSPs (JavaServer Pages)
  • Spring MVC Framework Hosting
  • Host Hibernate
  • Struts Hosting
  • Sitemesh
  • Grails
  • GWT
  • JSF Hosting
  • Play
  • Vaadin
  • Wicket
  • …and more!

You can install nearly anything within your Classpath, the most popular being the Spring framework. We will be happy to accommodate you should you need assistance with hosting other frameworks on Apache Tomcat.

Why do i need java hosting services?

Could you build your website software without using cheap Java hosting providers at all? Sure – there are plenty of hosting providers out there that support PHP software but not Java software, but if you want to create a dynamic website that’s easy to maintain, secure, and consistent across multiple platforms, you’ll need to be hosting Java software and find a suitable hosting solution.

Will my website work on port 80?

Yes, of course! Once you have entered our nameservers for your domain to point to our server and it has propagated fully, it will work with port 80.

The preview link with a special port number that we provide to you in your setup email is only to be used by the application server until your domain name begins working. Afterward, you no longer need to provide that special port in the URL.

Особенности java хостинга

Хотя возможности Java используют такие популярные сетевые сервисы, как LinkedIn, Amazon и eBay, не так просто найти подходящий хостинг для этой технологии, и практически невозможно найти

. Данный язык и операционная среда применимы прежде всего в корпоративном секторе и системах СУБД, а также для обеспечения повышенной безопасности и авторизации в Интернете. Платформа обладает рядом привлекательных особенностей, среди которых:

Поиск java хостинга

Ограниченный выбор хостинга на платформе затрудняет подбор оптимальных условий использования сервера в сочетании с другими важными параметрами и привлекательной ценой. Pickuphost подробно расскажет о сильных и слабых сторонах провайдеров Java хостинга,

и мощностях. Несмотря на то, что использование такого хостинга часто ограничено и выливается в ощутимую сумму, мы поможем подобрать оптимальный тариф и параметры сервера для вашего веб-проекта.

Final words

To conclude, these were some of the best Tomcat hosting services you can use. Depending on your budget, you can choose the best hosting that is applicable for you.

You can surely see the tomcat version information when you are going with any of the services.


Best Choice

  • Features: Easy Tomcat install, Multiple datacenters, Easy to scale
  • Starting price: From $4.00 (Free Trial 30-days)


Free Trial

Best Specs

  • Features: Easy Tomcat install, DDoS protection, SSD storage
  • Starting price: From $4.99/month $8.99 


Visit A2hosting

Best Support

  • Features: 100% Uptime SLAs, Easy Scalability, Unlimited Sites
  • Starting price: From $59/mo (30-days money-back guarantee)


Visit LiquidWeb

Best Price

(Shared hosting & VPS)

  • Features: Tomcat Manager, Free SSL, Unlimited Websites
  • Starting price: From $2.59 $6.99 


Visit MochaHost


  • Features: Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Sites, cPanel/WHM
  • Starting price: From $18.99/month $29.99 


Visit BlueHostRead Full Review

For Testing

(Shared hosting)

  • Features: Tomcat Manager, Multiple java librairies, Free SSL certificates
  • Starting price: From $2.68 $3.15 


Visit HostGator

Highly Performing

  • Features: Nvme storage, Free SSL & backup, Unlimited websites
  • Starting price: From $32.95/month $43.95 


Visit RoseHosting

If you are a technical person, you can go with unmanaged hosting else we suggest you go with the managed services as that will be a better option for you.

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