What Is Database Hosting? DB Hosting Explained | MongoDB

What Is Database Hosting? DB Hosting Explained | MongoDB Хостинг

Cloud mongodb hosting — clever cloud

Clever Cloud makes it really easy to deploy, run and scale MongoDB applications on a high availability cloud platform as a service.

It’s all code, no-ops. We take care of the infrastructure, the system updates and the deployments.

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Mongodb hosting | fastest & best hosted mongodb server 2022

If you’re looking for a database structure to fill the needs of the evolving Web, you’ll probably turn to SQL out of habit — but there may be a better solution for you in the form of MongoDB. One of the most popular database structures in the world, MongoDB takes a more object-oriented view toward data storage than SQL, enabling faster indexing and information retrieval in many situations. A2 Hosting is proud to offer MongoDB on our blazing fast VPS servers.

MongoDB is a NoSQL (ie, a nonrelational database structure) form of storing data that relies on a JSON-like format called BSON («Binary JSON») to store and access information. What this means to you, the developer, is that a MongoDB database is a very fast and highly efficient system, well suited for the future growth and expansion of your company.

Where SQL relies on a sometimes bulky and unwieldy relational table , MongoDB stores data in a form much closer to JSON’s built-in flexibility and object structure. This means, for example, instead of running a table for car information with columns «Primary Key,» «Make,» and «Model,» MongoDB stores data like a «Car» object: you can access the Make and Model of a car itself rather than have to refer to the table’s structure as a whole. MongoDB calls these object-like structures «Documents,» and a single Document will look very familiar to any user experienced with JSON data.

This structure also means that MongoDB databases are much more easily spread across several servers than SQL relational databases. With A2 Hosting’s high performance hosting capabilities, you’ll be prepared for the future growth of your company instead of locking yourself into a less mobile and less flexible SQL database structure.

What is database hosting? db hosting explained

If database hosting is the right solution, another consideration is using cloud hosting, called Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS).

Why just outsource the infrastructure to run your database when you can outsource its management as well? DBaaS is a value-added variant of database hosting, a fee-based subscription service in which the provider takes on administrative burdens such as database migration, installation, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades.

MongoDB Atlas is an example of a DBaaS. This is the cloud-hosted solution for MongoDB’s Document Databases. It supports all three major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and GCP) including a multi-cloud setup should you wish to target specific regions or data centers across providers.

There is a free tier as well so you can investigate if cloud hosting might be the right solution without paying anything.

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