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Php hosting for your website

PHP, a recursive acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor,” is the name of a programming language. This open-source scripting language can be used to develop dynamic applications and webpages. Coupled with hosting infrastructure, PHP web hosting options make it even easier to get started with this language. Today, many content management systems (CMSes) such as WordPress and PrestaShop are written in PHP and run on top of its frameworks (Symfony, Laravel, Zend…). These CMSes require PHP hosting to run, so even if you’re not a developer, PHP web hosting can help you easily create your WordPress blog. The ubiquity of PHP in the online world has lead to the existence of a wide selection of PHP hosting solutions.

While many versions of PHP have been released since 1994, the language only really took shape in 1997. Two students, Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski, created what was at the time the most refined version of the code (PHP 3) and founded Zend Technologies. Today, 25 years later, the seventh iteration of PHP is available on most hosting platforms. Not only does PHP 7 have significant improvements and optimizations over its predecessors, it has also considerably improved loading times for web pages hosted with PHP hosting.

Free PHP hosting is generally not available since hosting by definition requires the use of server resources, but you can find many quality low-cost options.

Website creation

While it’s important to put thought into choosing the right domain when you make a website, as soon as you have an idea of what kind of domain you want for when you create your own website, registering adomain name is quick and easy. Having a totally unique domain name for your website creation project that will help internet users find you on the web is essential when you make a website. You should make sure to choose a domain that fits your brand and industry.

A domain ending must be added to the name itself in the form of ‘.com,’ ‘.co.uk,’ ‘.shop,’ etc. There is now a wide variety of domain endings available to use for website creation, which will allow you to find one that fits your website creation needs. You can also often find the name you want with an alternate domain ending. For example, even if ‘example.com’ is already taken, you don’t have to give up your website creation project, you can reserve ‘example.org’ when you make a website instead.


Французский регистратор Gandi | WebDomainPlusФранцузский регистратор Gandi | WebDomainPlusФранцузский регистратор Gandi | WebDomainPlus

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