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Create Your Own Hurtworld Server  

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Hurtworld is a game that is a multiplayer FPS survival game that is hardcore with competitive gunplay and controlling the map with strategic control. This game is built for hardcore gamers as Hurtworld’s goal is to punish. Hurtworld has been designed to be extremely optimized with graphics that are highly scalable to perform well even on budget machines. It was built from the ground up in design with a solid foundation to provide a PVP and PVE experience that is fast skill-based.

Start the game to brave the elements with your friends or travel alone as you find what you need in order to survive. Craft the tools you need, craft weapons and clothing to survive while defending your place. Build a stronghold or a castle to stash all the loot and keep safe in. Locate the abandoned vehicles to restore them. Wander the many biomes to discover their resources that are exotic and items that are rare for your personal use or to trade to someone.

When you’re ready to start hosting a Hurtworld server, you can begin with just a few clicks away from getting your top-of-the-line Hurtworld server for PC with the leading survival game server hosting provider! Here at ServerBlend, we offer an industry-leading Hurtworld server hosting plan which runs on powerful hardware with complete DDoS protection and the support of a friendly 24/7 technical support staff. As well as we have help articles to provide you with steps on how to set up your server and images!

Begin setting up your Hurtworld server easily with the control panel to access the necessary configuration files you need access to. Help articles and staff to assist when you have issues with the server. Easy FTP access details are provided on your server’s control panel to be able to upload your current save game and install mods and plugins to add on to your Hurtworld server to improve upon your upcoming survival experience!

You can pay for your own Hurtworld server using many of the most popular payment systems such as PayPal, credit card, and BitPay. Your server also comes with an easy-to-use Public Pay system, meaning your players can contribute to and even pay for your server! At ServerBlend, we run seasonal promotions and contests to provide plenty of chances to get servers with big discounts and even credits to use for free hosting!

If you find that your taste for hosting the server has changed, you’re not alone as you could have played the map or finished the events! At ServerBlend, we offer an easy way for you to switch between your Hurtworld server to one of the other popular survival games servers that we provide hosting plans for. With our current hosting plans for different games like Conan: Exiles, Valheim, Ark, and several others. If you find that you’d like to change your playstyle on Hurtworld, we make your replayability unlimited with the ability that you can easily change your server settings, maps, and any other requirements by upgrading or downgrading as you need with our support staff to guide you.

Now with ServerBlend, you can easily set up your Hurtworld server and start gathering the necessary items you need to survive in order to grow and defend your place against the unforgiving environment of Hurtworld. With our servers, you start out with 30 player slots and you can increase them at any time up to 60. If you need a way to communicate with friends or the community, you have the option to include one of our TeamSpeak 3 addons to keep in touch!

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Чем отличается аренда hurtworld, и как ваш выбор повлияет на хостинг hurtworld:

Дата Центр в Москве.

  • Хороший выбор для серверов HurtWorld, игроки которых находятся в России или в соседних странах.
  • Для игроков из России, хостинг серверов HurtWorld в Москве будет иметь самый маленький ping от 1 до 50.
  • В среднем задержка до 20мс.
  • Сервера в России имеют защиту от DDoS атак на базе DDoS-GUARD до 400Gbit/s.

Возможность изменять слоты игроков на сервере:

  • Игровой хостинг hurtworld дает клиентам возможность, выбирать количество игровых слотов для сервера.
  • В любой момент после заказа, в параметрах услуг, Вы можете изменить игровые слоты для сервера.

Какие моды и плагины можно использовать на игровом хостинге:

  • Вы можете использовать любые моды и плагины для сервера.
  • У нас нет ограничений, и игровая панель поддерживает установку модов через FTP.
  • Если у Вас нет своего мода, в нашей панели управления уже есть готовые моды — Oxide.

Если у Вас есть вопросы по услугам хостинга:

  • Техническая поддержка, всегда рада помочь и ответить на вопросы наших клиентов.
  • Вам достаточно написать тикет, и наши специалисты помогут в решении любых задач.
  • В Рабочие дни с 10 до 18 часов, мы будем рады помочь с выбором услуг — Звоните 8(495)105-95-15
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