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We offer various telecom systems to help you maintain your telephony, including internal and external calls, statistics, additional phone features, SIP accounts. These services improve the performance of your employees by monitoring and accessing every incoming or outgoing call from customers or business partners. We suggest you consider the following VoIP servers that you can install for different purposes.

This is a software that can support all telephony for office or home based on IP protocol. This service operates over the Internet. Thanks to the VoIP server, you can manage external and internal calls, as well as monitor statistics, record conversations, for example, between a manager and a client.

Now we would like to introduce you the most common VoIP servers for use in office or home:

Softphone app for incoming and outgoing calls

We also recommend excellent applications for making and receiving calls over the Internet, the so-called softphone or softphone. They can be used on various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, etc. The most common softphones are Zoiper, Xlite, Linphone, PortGo, Twinkle and others. By using this application on your device, you can receive free calls and make outgoing calls at low (local) rates even if you dial any other country.

Install softphone with virtual number

CRM management system with VoIP telephony

This is an application software for organizations designed to automate customer interaction strategies, in particular, to improve sales, marketing optimization and better customer service by storing information about them and the history of business relations with them, creating business processes and subsequent analysis of the results. We recommend installing the Bitrix24 system and monitoring the work of your clients and employees.

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Install CRM with virtual phone number

1C software for organizing the work of the company

This is a special system widely used in Russian companies for working with accounts and organizing the work of employees. This system includes automation of the company’s activities, organization of trade, enterprise service, control of financial holding and individual corporations, salary report, control of human resources, various industry-specific business solutions and target solutions.

How to use 1C system with virtual number

Benefits of using VoIP server systems

As we already know, you can connect several virtual numbers for your VoIP server. Freezvon offers about 125 countries where it is possible to use this telephone service. You can order as many virtual numbers as you want. This phone number can forward calls to the following destinations:

Get a virtual phone number from Freezvon

With our support team, you can get answers to all questions via Skype, email, help chat or phone numbers 24X7. If there is a problem, you should immediately contact our managers, you will never be denied help.

What is VoIP server and how it functions?

That is a software, which is able to support the whole telephony for office or home on base of IP protocol. This service works via Internet connection. Thanks to VoIP server, you are able to manage your external and internal calls, plus you can monitor the statistics, record the conversations, for example between manager and customer. It is possible to connect unlimited quantity of SIP accounts, security system for saving all data, create contact book of necessary subscribers, own IP, conditional call forwarding according to time or date and many other services.

Now we would like to present you most widespread VoIP servers to use:

Softphone app for incoming and outgoing calls

We also recommend great apps for making and receiving calls via Internet, so called softphone. They can be used on various operating systems devices like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows etc. The most widespread softphones like Zoiper, Xlite, Linphone, PortGo, Twinkle and others. Having this app on your device you are able to get free calls and make outbound calls at low (local) rates, even if you dial any foreign country.

Install free softphone with virtual number

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CRM management system with VoIP telephony

That is an application software for organizations, designed to automate strategies for interaction with customers, in particular, to improve sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by storing client information and the history of business relationships with them, creating and improving business processes and the subsequent analysis of the results. We recommend to install Bitrix24 system and monitor your clients and employees work.

Set CRM with virtual number

1C software for handling the account affairs

That is a special system quite widespread in Russian companies for having deal with the accounts and the organization of employees work. This sytem includes the solutions of the company activities automation, organization of trading, servicing entreprises, control the financial holding and separate corporations, payroll job, control the human resources, different industry business solution and purpose-built solution.

How to use 1C system with virtual number

Advantages of using VoIP servers systems

Not so long ago we could only dream about inexpensive rates for international and long-distance communication, and the organization of a modern call-center was a rather complicated and expensive procedure. But with our support team you can get all answers for your questions via Skype, email, help chat or by phone numbers 24X7.

Steps to install SIP Asterisk VOIP Server on Ubuntu

We will install Asterisk VOIP Server on Ubuntu Release 20.04 as shown below.

Step #1. Update the System

At first updated the list of the available package’s and their Version on Ubuntu using below command

sudo apt-get update

Step #2. Download Asterisk VOIP Server

Now download the tar file of Asterisk on your Linux box. In my case I am using Ubuntu. You can get the Asterisk file from here. In this we will download asterisk-19.6.0-rc1.tar.gz. Download the Asterisk using below command

Once downloaded, the tar file is under your current working directory as below

Step #3. Untar Asterisk file

Now we need to untar the file asterisk-19-current.tar.gz and extract the file for it using below command

tar -zxvf asterisk-19.6.0-rc1.tar.gz

Step #4. Asterisk Directory

Once untar done you will see directory named asterisk-19.6.0-rc1.

Step #5. Install Dependencies and Configure before Compiling Asterisk VOIP Server

In this step we should now start compiling the asterisk program so that we can install it later on the Linux machine.

Change directory to asterisk-19.6.0-rc1 using below command

Asterisk VOIP Server requite below libraries before complication completes without any error , I got below errors while compiling

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To resolve above issues we need to install all above dependencies packages using below command

sudo apt-get install libedit-dev
sudo apt-get install uuid-dev
sudo apt-get install libjansson-dev
sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev
sudo apt-get install sqlite3
sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-dev

Now configure the asterisk for is libraries which later is used to compile it using command

Once Completed you will see below output which indicate the complication is completed

Step #6. Enable chan_sip. co Module

To enable SIP functioning of Asterisk we need to enable the chan_sip.co module on the asterisk-19.6.0-rc1 as below

You will get below screen, Select Channel Drivers and enter

Next Put * in front of chan_sip.so as below

Step #7. Compile Asterisk

Once Compilation is completed you should se below output in the end

Step #8. Install Asterisk in Linux

Now the asterisk is complied (means its in the directory of Linux however not installed). We will now install the asterisk from complied files using below command

sudo make install

Once completed you should see below output at the end

Step #9. Check Asterisk directory in /etc

Once installation completed, you will see asterisk directory inside the /etc. This directory will be empty and will not have any configuration files in it.

Step #10. Add Sample Config files

Next we need to add the sample configuration files inside the asterisk directory under the /etc by using command as shown below

cd asterisk-19.6.0-rc1/
sudo make samples

After making sample configuration you should be able to see the sample file under the /etc/asterisk

Step #10. Verify Asterisk and connect to Console

Now that we have installed the Asterisk , we need to connect to its console and and verify its running using below command

What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is a communication server just like Apache web server is to web applications. One of the application of it its Asterisk VOIP Server. Asterisk handles all the low level details of sending and receiving data using different communication protocols. When you install Asterisk as communication server its upto you to create communications applications.

In this article we will guide you with steps on how to Setup Open Source SIP Asterisk VOIP Server under the Ubuntu Linux machine. After installing Asterisk VOIP Server in ubuntu we will also setup VOIP phones and simulated Phone calls between them.

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